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Q: What is the lease rate for space at parc24?

A: The current lease rates range from $30-36 'triple net' per rentable square foot per year with 5-10 year lease terms. These rates are subject to annual increases. The range for rentable square footage may be dependent on the term of the lease and improvement allowances provided.

Q: What is the minimum lease term?

A: The preferred lease term is for a minimum of five years; however, the term will depend on size and the complexity of tenant improvements.

Q: What is included in operating costs?

A: The operating cost will include HVAC, tenant and common area utilities, janitorial service, property taxes, insurance and other traditional operating expenses. Operating costs will be billed on a per-square-foot basis.

Q: How adaptable are the buildings to specific space plans?

A: The buildings have been designed with few interior support columns, which will allow tremendous flexibility in space planning.

Q: Once building eight is completed, which building will be constructed next?

A: The plan is to build buildings one, four and five as phase two. However if a tenant prefers space in another building, plans can be revised to accommodate individual tenant needs.

Q: What is the parking ratio?

A: The parking ratio approximately is 4 spaces per 1,000 rentable square feet.

Q: Where can visitors park?

A: Parking is located along 24th Street within close proximity to buildings two and three. Additional parking is located along the south entrance and perimeter of the campus. The parking garage will provide ample space in the event these perimeter locations are occupied. All parking is within a short walk of the entire campus.

Q: Is there a Tenant Improvement (TI) allowance?

A: Yes, the landlord will provide a TI allowance for the build-out of the space based on individual tenant needs. All build-out will meet a minimum standard that we will establish for all of the buildings on campus.

Q: Is there a list of recommended contractors for tenant improvements?

A: Yes, the landlord will provide a recommended list of LEED certified contractors, vendors and suppliers to work with during the tenant improvement process.

Q: Can a tenant select its own contractors?

A: Yes, with review and approval of the landlord. The exception is building systems subcontractors, which the landlord will specify.