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The award winning and nationally recognized architectural firm of Merrill, Pastor and Colgan Architects is the creative force behind parc24. Scott Merrill founded the firm in Vero Beach in 1990. He has been recognized by the Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects on twelve occasions and the National AIA three times. The Institute for Classical Architecture also recognized the firm for a body of work contributing to traditional architecture. He has worked on projects all over the world. parc24 is a local commission of which he is extremely proud.

We spoke with Scott recently about his work on this project.

Q: You are an internationally recognized architect who happens to live here in Vero Beach even though much of your work is outside of this area.

A: I am very happy to be doing this project in Vero Beach. For me, the most fun is when you have a client like Kimley Horn who asks a lot from you.

People don’t usually think about why buildings look like they do. Everything having to do with the style of these eight parc24 buildings came out of very substantial issues. Style comes from realizing you have height restrictions, square footage requirements, and allowances for green space. The thing I am most proud of on this project is that we gave the city more green space than they would have settled for.

Q: How do you think tenants will feel inside parc24?

A: I like to try to figure out the route from the car to the desk, and the view from every desk. If I was a potential tenant, I would be very interested in the sense of looking out. Everyone has beautiful gardens to see. A small office building, with each one being a little bit different from the others, changes the quality of the physical environment. I like the fact it looks coherent, but each building is distinct. Each tenant can have a whole floor, which is a rare feature. The tenants are the beneficiaries of these decisions made by the developer. These were life enhancing decisions. These buildings are green in a different way than most people think of green. The fact that this project is close to downtown means fewer car trips and reduced emissions. It would have been cheaper to build west of town. What they did was build in the right place and use the land intensely for all the right reasons.

Q: Are there any particular attributes of parc24 that you are proud of in addition to the ones you’ve already mentioned?

A: I am proud of how we managed the parking. Kimley-Horn’s commitment to structured parking to preserve open space, and the way we’ve been able to gracefully incorporate parking into their building not only eliminates the vast expanse of asphalt, but also provides a great amenity for tenants. Kimley-Horn has shepherded this project extremely well, and my hope is that many of these design principles, and the innovative thinking that has gone into parc24 will be incorporated into future Vero Beach office buildings.

Q: Are you breaking with tradition with this design for parc24?

A: We are actually a very conservative architectural firm. We take architectural traditions very seriously. parc24 was born out of an honorable architectural tradition pre-dating 1970. If you look closely at what was being built during that time period, you will see that parc24 can be placed in some kind of continuum. This has been a very vital, exciting and stimulating project to work on. I have faith that the tenants will be pleased with the generosity of the views, and all the other details that make this property more humane than most.